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Sore Soles

Every now and then I'm confronted with writing that beckons for a second glance and perhaps a third.

Sore soles (Vo.1) is an arrangement of such

profound pieces of poetry. Through praise and prose, author and poetess Teni Adebayo has created a tapestry of worship evoking the echoes of biblical poetry. Sore Soles emerges into the genre of poetry through powerful faith-infused pieces with tones you won't necessarily find elsewhere in the niche.

What I enjoyed about Teni's first collection is the power of her unapologetic words mingled with faith and wit. Poplar contemporary poets like Rupi Kaur and Rudy Francisco have a way with delivering honest poetry that cuts to the core. What makes Teni's work unique is her praise-driven faith in God and wisdom of His word. There were many times that I felt like I was reading the writings of King David.

"Yeshua arise save me from the foggy forests i nurtured during late dreary nights and deliver my halo from the claws of wild beasts."

Many of the pieces are short and the entire book of 112 pages can be digested within 2 hours. This is common for this genre and allows for a comfortable return to the book. Though short, be sure to take it's content slowly. There's much wisdom in the pages of this collection and I look forward to more.

This book and author have gone curiously under the radar of talented poets and shouldn't much longer. You can connect with Teniola and more of her work at her on IG @teniadebayo. Until next time -E

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