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Losing Myself Brought Me Here

Jennae's style of writing parallels a cup of coffee topped by a cloud of whipped cream; sweet and light with strong bold undertones. I found Jennae's work on instagram in 2018 during a huge resurgence of poets thanks to the social media platform. I picked up a copy of "I Am More Than A Daydream" and was immediately immersed. When she launched Losing Myself in 2019, I snagged a copy and added it to my pleasure reading. "Losing Myself" was a unique experience in the realm of contemporary poetry. Today, poets are a dime a dozen, but Jennae Cecelia strives to brand herself by frequently punching holes in the box. Split into two chapters and 228 pages, this book takes the reader on a journey to personal identity, self care, and standing up to your personal demons. Hopeful, encouraging and at times, humorous, Losing yourself is formatted and written in a way that feels like a handshake to the heart.

If you're not careful, you'll miss the raw impact of each piece. Many pages contain poems of sheer brevity but relatable and laced with wisdom that Jennae shares through her journey. There is a story here, be very careful not to overlook it.

I enjoyed this installment in her collection as an avid poetry reader/writer/blogger. She has a voice for those fighting identity and anxiety with an overarching theme of victory. Cecelia is able to deliver both with honesty, wit and an open heart.

You'll enjoy it. Jennae's books are sold at most major book sellers.

You can connect with Jennae at her website and IG @jennaececelia Until next time -E

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