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Bravery & Brevity : Week 5

What's up, readers!? This is Edward L. Holmes with Acclivity Publishing, an emerging producer of prolific and professional non-fiction literature and media. Today I am excited to talk a little more about my upcoming poetry project, Bravery & Brevity, briefly. (This is a huge poetry project we've been discussing for a few blogs now, so if you're just checking in, go back and check out weeks one through four! Everything will make more sense)


The fourth chapter is titled "The Heart" and, as you've guessed, discusses, matters of the heart. As the immediate chapter after the middle of the valley, we're on the uphill climb into the conclusion.

I wrote this chapter to discuss family, love, unity and relationships. It's a celebration of love, and also a reminder to self that the human heart is desperately wicked and liable to folly. It's a very key chapter as it builds the momentum into a conclusion of praise, but stops to amplify the fact that love is arguably the most powerful force we can harness. I believe that once we decide to put our differences aside, we as humans (especially speaking from a Christian platform) will see reconciliation heal the areas of hatred and fear that we're hesitant to tackle. I believe in love, I believe in unity, and I believe it starts with one. I hope you enjoy this chapter of Bravery & Brevity launching August 1, 2019. Until later! -E

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