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Bravery & Brevity: Week 4

What's up, readers! Edward here with Acclivity Publishing, a company that strives to produce high-quality art, non-fiction and inspiration. This week we're diving into the third chapter of Bravery & Brevity.


Through 155 pages and five chapters, I wanted to paint the picture of two mountain peaks of Hope (Chapter 1) and Praise, (Chapter 5) yet, in-between them, we find the darkest valley of Chapter 3. Life is full of low points, and while constructing "The Hardship" I pulled from situations I've experienced throughout life that have thrust me to my limits, and often to the point of questioning the legitimacy of my faith. The pursuit of God will never place us in category of exemption from trials, in fact, He promised us that we're going to experience them. For this book, I wanted to bring out the reality of life-controlling issues we as believers seem to shy away from. In my experience, I believe the pathway to peace of mind is paved with uncomfortable conversations and boundary-breaking unadulterated honesty, and this is the tone I hope has been set for this chapter. I can't wait to get this book into your hands. Only two more weeks until we launch!?

Until then, Stay brave, everyone -E

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