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Bravery & Brevity : Week 1

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

All that I've wanted to say and yet It's still the beginning. Thanks for stopping by my big book blog! I'm pretty excited to share my next book with you. Today I want to talk about the "WHY" of this book and move forward from there weekly until our book launch (GET EXCITED) Bravery & Brevity is a project I've poured my heart into since January 2019 to be my manuscript megaphone for hurting people. It's a poetry book. I get it, not everyone loves (or to be honest, appreciates or comprehends the art of) poetry, but hear me out, please. I believe that art has the power of influence and I want to do just that: influence my readers to create healthy steps towards living above life-controlling issues.

This collection isn't #metoo poetry, haikus, and burn poems.... This is a collection that aims to reach into the issues of finding hope and healing in the storms of life we're all going to face at one point of another. I wanted to tackle topics of religion, hopelessness, diverse addictions, self-harm, abandonment and other valleys I, personally, have had the freedom of climbing out of. This book is divided into 5 chapters and tells my story as well as poetically encouraging the reader that we WILL survive the floods as they come. I hope this book accomplishes what I desire it to accomplish, and that's to challenge the image of human perfection religious tradition is apt to paint and shed light onto the fact that we're all a little broken and in desperate need of saving. I can't wait to get this book into your hands, until then... Stay Brave! EDWARD *We've got a big year planned. Want to know when new authors of Acclivity Publishing launch their books? Visit my page and subscribe to the email list, and we'll make sure you're the first to know.

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