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With the wild success of "Her" and "HER vol. II" author and entrepreneur Pierre Jeanty has written a book for the boys in the form of HIM.

What I absolutely love about this book is how Jeanty has created a book that almost feels akin to

a christian devotional book. HIM peppers it's readers, both men and women, with wisdom and hope.

As a male, I was often able identify with a lot of the experiences Jeanty presents like relationships, rejection, sexuality and the misconception of masculinity. These topics, are areas that I firmly believe should be discussed, especially as a christian. Unfortunately today, they are shamefully shied away from. This is a problem.

"There is not a bone in him that finds women being seeds of pornography acceptable. There's no appetite in him to see the beauty of sex and women be so perverted for the right price." Jeanty writes.

This is a collection of poems, so the flow of the book doesn't necessarily have defined chapters. As a poet I am able to appreciate his style. Jeanty avoids typical verse and rhyme, but utilizes free-verse, and un-rhymed stanzas with no particular feet or meter. Though not my favorite style of written prose, it's wildly effective. Jeanty is less focused on impressive diction and eloquent terminology, but perfected the art of of delivering his wisdom and heart in well-packaged prose.

I would, and have recommended this book to fans of his work as well as lovers of prose. In what I would call "The Instagram age of poetry" I believe his style is relevant and effective. You can find Pierre Jeanty's work at all major book sellers or via his website

"He puts his insecurity on mute

while clamping a leash on his

anxiety, letting them both know

that it is he who owns his body, not


So, he conquers."

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