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Welcome To Life Lines
YOUR Positive Poetry Podcast


Meet The Host

Hey there! 
"My name is Edward, and I'll be your host as we discuss new poetry weekly!"

Edward has been writing and reciting poetry for nearly two decades and still believes in the power of words to inspire others.

He looks forward to meeting you every Monday at 7am
with a hot cup and a full heart!

Current Goals

Yes, we have goals to grow and improve the show within the coming months to hopefully, years!

To Connect With You:

What would be a show without an audience?
You can follow the show on IG @LifeLines_PoetryPodcast to stay updated!


To Hear From You:

The best way to support Life Lines is by giving it a kind rating and review.  Every rating holds so much weight for me as a host and helps the show become more relevant to those who enjoy this type of content. I have no plans of quitting the show anytime soon, so visibility is very important.


To Improve Audio Quality:
I'm currently recording with a Yeti USB condenser mic in a cardioid pattern. It's not the best, but it gets the job done. A podcast should be listenable and clean, and I want that for you. I'm working on that.


To Include You
Once we have a solid listenership, I have plans to feature listener-submitted content and build a more interconnected community. More to come!


Thanks for joining me on this journey. It means a lot

What Do We Do?

Life Lines was created as a space for poetry lovers to enjoy the craft of poetry in an environment that leaves the listener lifted. We occasionally collaborate with writers who align with this mission.

If you're in need of a little encouragement and hope, tune in.
I'd love to hear from you.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to delivering the spoken word in a space that uplifts and encourages. Our poetry is often that which deals with the journey of the human experience

through the levity of the Word of God.​​

Season 1

October 2nd -  April 1st

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